Scott Langholff
                      Piano, Keyboard & Organ Lessons By Phone Or Webcam Using Skype
Along with my local students in the Pensacola, Florida area, I
am successfully conducting music lessons by phone or
webcam which makes my coaching services available
worldwide.  It has been a lot of fun for me and the students.
We are very happy with the progress that is being made with
these lessons, which are equally as effective as lessons in

I am using
Skype, a free download that allows me to call my
students by phone for free in the US & Canada.  It's also free
to talk computer to computer with or without web cam
anywhere in the world using
Skype.  For most phone lessons
outside the US it only costs about 2 cents per minute, so I pay
for those calls.

I have beginner, intermediate as well as more advanced
students, ages 8 to 87.  Many adult students even into their
80's are beginners who thought they could never play and find
now that not only they can, but they are and enjoying it
immensely.  Age is not an issue when using the right methods.  
I teach each according to each students specific needs and
desires. I cover the things that I would normally teach in person
that can't be covered in self-study home study courses and
that most traditional teachers don't teach or know about.

The main thrust is to have each student learn to play the way
they really want to play, but have not been able to achieve this
for one reason or another.

Some people are more comfortable with a phone or webcam
lesson rather than having a teacher in person.  This also
allows you to have your lessons in the comfort and privacy of
your own home.  No need to waste time and fight traffic to get
to and from lessons, besides avoiding inclement weather.  A
large majority of people live in an area where there is no
teacher to teach them the things they really want.

Phone and webcam lessons works equally as well as lessons
in person as I teach the same way in each instance and also
have the same interaction between myself and the students.

While the webcam is a nice added touch, phone lessons work
just as well.   A webcam is not necessary unless you prefer to
do it this way.  It just allows the student and I to see each
other.  Lessons by phone works very well and is more than
adequate to gain the benefits by these coaching sessions.

The following is a picture of Ann J. from Panama City, Florida,
taken by me during a webcam lesson.  Ann lives about 3 hours
away from me.

If you have any questions concerning these lessons, how you
could benefit from them, how
Skype works or anything else,
contact me. If you like, you can include your phone
number and in what country you live and I can give you a call
for a free consultation.  I believe you will find the concept and
lessons interesting, very enjoyable and highly effective to
achieve what you have always really  wanted to do on your

This page is in the process of being constructed.  Please
check back often to see more info and updates on this service.
Student Testimonials

"Dear Scott: I want
to thank you for
getting in touch with
me about taking
lessons by way of
the telephone.  
Needless to say, I
was skeptical as to
how this could
possibly work, but
the idea intrigued
me and I decided,
that I had nothing to
loose by giving it a
try. With the addition
of a very affordable
head-piece for my
telephone and
setting aside the
time each week to
take your call, it has
by far proven to be
not only workable,
but I have learned
so much in the
process.  I feel like
you are sitting
beside me while I am
at the organ and the
time just flies by.
Thank you again for
thinking of me and
including me in your
desire to bring
better playing skills
to those of us who
love our organ and
desire to play it
better. You have
made a believer of
me and have gained
a new friend.
Sincerely Trudy L,"  
Panama City, FL

"Hey my friend!  I
just wanted to thank
you. You went way
above the call of
duty, and I really
appreciate it.  Out of
all the services I
belong to, you stand
out more than
anyone. I wish there
were more guys out
there like you.  
Thank you again.
Your dedication to
helping people was
touching.  Have a
great day and I
hope we get to
speak soon."  
Michael L,
Fall River, MA
Bett M from Bonita Springs, FL, which is 9 hours and 612
miles away has this to say about our phone lessons:

"I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I am
enjoying and learning from our “long distance” keyboard
piano lessons together.  At first, I was dubious about taking
lessons via the telephone, a really new concept, but it’s
working.  You call me at the designated time each week, I
answer the phone, adjust my headset, and boom, we begin
our lessons, It’s as simple as that.  And I think it has helped
me to develop my musical ear because I am relying on really
listening to the music.  This method is serving me well.  
Thanks so much, not only for the lessons but for helping me
with the technical things I need to know about the keyboard
and other related music questions."